ULPU sells skins. Skins are vinyl wraps that can save your devices (mobile phones, tablets, laptops, earphones and so on) from injury, smudges, fingerprints, slippery-ness and the fear of being ugly. We bring out the best in class qualities with the most reasonable pricings. ULPU is the name you trust!


We are a start-up based in Kathmandu, Nepal and we address the needs of Nepali Community regarding the custom designed skins for devices, including trendy in-house designs and factory-built textures. We also personalize skins as per your design and need. We can provide for 5000+ devices, with precisely cut and finely well-finished products. The skins are of optimum quality and made up of materials from world class brands as 3M, Oracal and Avery. ULPU skins holds well on devices and leaves no annoying glue remnant in devices.

We are a team of youth with energetic mindset and we are here to help. Each customer counts to us and we support in each of your orders. We help out in every aspect of difficulties you face and we are dedicated to provide the best service and best quality products here in Nepal. We guarantee the quality of the products we sell and deliver to you with best care possible.


Pramesh Regmi


Life's short to keep it boring. I believe in change, for good and also adding bazillions color to life. Computer Engineer with a courage to show that Nepal has possibilities of its own. Lets meet up someday to discuss the world !

Ashesh Regmi


I design! Architecture student whose endpoint is only his own imagination. With dreams of flying high, I am designing the wings. Love to help people out with good in heart and smile on face.

Pratima Sapkota


Computer has always been my forte and I am good at maths (I am an Engineer). So maybe you don't try to fool me because I am the beauty with the brains.

Mohit Kedia


I am a ghost! Lucky you! Saw a ghost's photo here, because I am nowhere to be seen. And more about me, I am the one who got an eagle eye. I can correspond to things with the best presence of mind you have ever seen.

Sushil Paudel


Team needed an external hand, and got me. As they say the best fit ! Project Manager, Deployer, Market Analyzer, (and "Fund Rasier" as well, don't tell about this to anyone). Overall, the glue that kept the team stick well.